Evolutionary Biology

Charles Darwin I: The Origin of Species

by Alfred L. Rosenberger, Ph.D.

Further Exploration

Mechanisms: Natural selection

University of California Museum of Paleontology / National Center for Science Education - Understanding Evolution

Charles Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle

D. Likely, University of New Brunswick - selections from Darwin's diary along with commentary and pictures.

Pre-Darwinian Theories

D. O'Neil, Palomar College - A brief look at some theories on the organization of life before Darwin.

Darwin Awards

W. Northcutt - A humorous look at the meaning of 'survival of the fittest' in human beings.


Charles Darwin - young

Charles Darwin - Biography 1

Alfred Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace

Thomas Huxley - young

Thomas Henry Huxley


On the Origin of Species

C. Darwin - Full text of this groundbreaking work.

News & Events

Scientists Search for Darwin's Beagle

BBC News

Evolution Theory and Mutation

Michigan State U.

Current Science News

News from around the world of science.


The Voyage of the Beagle

C. Darwin, Literature.org - Full text of Darwin's diaries and original research from the voyage.

Google Scholar

Google - Research database allows searching of the scholarly literature.


Becoming Human

Institute of Human Origins - Interactive, online documentary details the story and research of human origins. Requires a broadband connection.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Next Generation Science Standards: For States, By States

National Academies Press: A Framework for K-12 Science Education